Keyboard Tuner


What is it?






Keyboard Tuner is an online tool to help music students to deal with some pratical issues of tuning a keyboard instrument, like a piano, harpsichord or organ, by ear.

As a digital synthesizer, all sounds produced by this app are generated by an audio oscillator, so the prominence of beats produced by impure intervals will be clearly noticeable.

A small introduction to musical temperaments can be found here, as well you can check out here a list of more online and free resources.

To get started, choose an initial tuning set for your keyboard and them the sensibility of the hammer tuning.

1. Starting point

2. Tuning hammer sensibility

3. Tune and play!


A digital keyboard

(equal temperament)


An old keyboard

(out of tune)


A historical keyboard

(recently discovered)


Why do we need
tempered tuning?

Before looking deep into numbers, tables, and formulas, to initially comprehend musical temperaments it is necessary to keep in mind two basic aspects of music physiology: the octave equivalence and our musical perception of consonance.

We can understand the first one as the evidence that several cultures around the world, including the Western culture, recognize two notes an octave apart as being essentially equivalent. A clear illustration of this is that when a man and a woman sing together, both of them are considered to be singing the same thing.

This concept of octave equivalence is crucial for our musical creation, in which we consider the octave as a cyclically closed entity whereby pitch relationships inside it are structured (i.e. musical scales) and the notes are named.

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